Hiking tours for foreigners in Almaty mountains

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We are a team of tourists, huge mountain lovers, sportsmen in tourism and alpinism. We offer you to join us in our hiking tours in the mountains. Our tours are perfect for active, fit people, but we also have some easy routes suitable for everyone
— MonteTeam
Our team
Sport tourists, mountaineers and alpinists with huge tour guide experience.
We offer guides speaking English fluently and basic level of Español and Dutch
  • Marina
    Kadnikova Marina
    Candidate Master of Sports in tourism

  • Erzh
    Abdikarim Erzhan
    III athletic title in tourism
  • Alexandr
    Ergeshov Alexander
    Candidate Master of Sports in tourism
What you get
be open to new experience
You will see the most wonderfull and beautiful mountain locations near Almaty city with local guides.
You will find out a lot about local mountains, people, hiking routes, some traditions, and anything you would like to know about Kazakhstan and Almaty.
No chance of getting lost! Our guides will surely get your home safe and sound.
We also can help you to order a car which can pick you up to the place of start and bring you back to your hotel or we can develop an interesting hiking tour specially for you!
How to join?
Choose your tour
See the places you can go to and leave your phone number or contact us via WhatsApp
Make sure you are ready to go to the mountains
Read carefully our hiking checklist
Pre-payment system
Confirm your participation in tour by making a 100% prepayment. We accept Visa and Mastercard using smartpos system. Not all countries are accepted.
If you have a local friend we can send an invoice via Kaspi pay service. Or accept payment in cash.
If requested we can organize all logistics for you from your hotel door to the start point and back.
Hiking tour
Usually active part of hiking takes about 4-5 hours. Be ready to go uphill to discover the best landscapes
Locations you can visit with us
incredible nature of Almaty mountains can be seen in 1 day
Comfortable trekking shoes (boots)
Sun-block cream
Hoody\fleece jacket
Gloves (cold seasons)

Hot tea in termos and lunch
Bottle of water
Individual medicines
Trekking poles (if any)
ID documents
Some cash

Price for individual tour with local Almaty guide

One-day tour
The price does not include transfer, sherpa service or other extra-expenses.
Tours take 5-8 hours
1-2 persons
  • Included:
  • Guide service
  • Photo-report
  • Nat.park fees
70 000 tenge
160 $/per adult
5-15 persons

2 guides

  • Nat.park fees
40 000 tenge
90 $/per adult
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Our contacts!
Please do not hesitate to write us if you would like to visit Almaty mountains with us.
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