Sharyn canyon:

Aidakhar ring trail

We will get into the hidden places of the Sharyn Canyon, go through the Stone Sack gorge, the dragon's mouth location and find the tree of life in the very heart of the canyon

More details about the Sharyn Canyon?

hiking tour in Almaty mountains, Kazakhstan
for physically active people
Hike: 7,8 km
Elevation gain: 356 m
Transportation: 360 km
take only basic things and snacks
about 5 hours of hike
Autumn, Winter, Spring

Timeline of the tour to the Sharyn canyon

07:30 – 07:45
07:30 – 07:45
Meeting point
We will meet in the city center or near your hotel to get to the starting point together with a guide. There is a long trip to Almaty oblast (region), to Sharyn National park - about 360 km from Almaty (4 hours)
11:45 - 12:30
11:45 - 12:30
Sharyn Canyon
Arriving at Sharyn Canyon, we will immediately be greeted by its beauty - the incredible sandstone towers in the Valley of Castles. We will admire the intricate shapes of the landscape, recognizing familiar outlines within them. The Valley of Castles descends to meet the charming Sharyn River, adorned with green banks along its shores. Here, there are gazebos, a drinking fountain, and restroom facilities. After resting by the river and having sandwiches and tea, we will embark on our real adventures ahead.
13:30 – 14:30
13:30 – 14:30
Dragon's Mouth and Stone Sack Gorge
Once we step away from the Valley of Castles, our adventure truly begins. We'll immediately find ourselves navigating deeper into the canyon's labyrinth to discover another secluded corner with its towering formations. As we ascend, new landscapes will unfold before us. Descending once more towards the river, we'll pass through the incredibly narrow passage known as the "Stone Sack."
15:00 - 15:30
15:00 - 15:30
Tree of life
Finding the Tree of Life is not easy; it involves a hidden passage and steep mazes. However, the guide will ensure you safely navigate this path, with rope handrails and assistance provided. Undoubtedly, all efforts are worthwhile to witness this small wonder - a young tree nestled deep within the sandy canyon.
16:00 - 20:00
16:00 - 20:00
Back to the city
It's getting dark and we're heading back to the Sharyn parking lot so the bus can take us home to Almaty, happy and a little tired, we'll be going through cool photos from the hike on the bus and occasionally looking out the window at the setting sun going over the horizon.

List of essentials for hiking to the Sharyn Canyon?

  • Passport (border guard document check)
  • Some cash
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Trekking poles
  • Seat mats (optional)
  • Water 1l-2l
  • Thermos with tea
  • Lunch (sandwiches, pancakes, pies, etc.)
Clothes (summer)
  • Trekking shirt
  • Fleece jacket\Hoodie
  • Raincoat\Hardshell jacket
  • Trekking trousers
  • Sun hat and buff
  • Trekking shoes\boots
  • Long sleeve (thermal)
  • Fleece jacket\hoodie
  • Snow pants
  • Demi-season/winter boots
  • Jacket
  • Woolen beanie and gloves
  • Warm socks
  • Headlamp
  • Gaiters
  • Crampons
Charyn can be very dusty, so we recommend bringing gloves (thin, work gloves are fine) to wear when you need to grip rocks. After the tour, you might want to change your T-shirt on the bus.
What is included in the price of the Sharyn canyon tour?
Guide service
Basic first aid kit
Photo report
Not included
Transportation ~ $130
Porter service
Travel insurance
Personal expenses
Lunch (sandwiches, pancakes, pies, etc.)
Trekking poles (available for rent)

Price for day hiking tour to the Sharyn Canyon

1 person
85 000 tenge
/ $180
2 persons
100 000 tenge
/ $210
50 000 tg/pp
3 persons
120 000 tenge
40 000 tg/pp
over 3 people
calculated individually
Additional expences
transportation is required for this tour,
the price for 1 car starts from $130

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Where is Sharyn Canyon located?

Sharyn Canyon is a picturesque, deep gorge in Kazakhstan, stretching 154 km along the Sharyn River valley, near the borders with China and Kyrgyzstan. It is one of the Earth's places that takes your breath away with its beauty and grandeur. Given its size and geological features, Sharyn Canyon is often referred to as the "younger brother" of the Grand Canyon in the United States. Its reddish cliffs, reminiscent of fortress towers, and abysses reaching depths of 150 to 300 meters impress all who visit.
The river carved out the extensive valley in the mountainous rocks, while wind sculpted the fanciful shapes of the cliffs. To preserve the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and the richness of local nature, the Sharyn National Park was established around the canyon in 2004. Travelers visiting here contribute to conservation efforts through an ecological fee. The park is well-maintained, with trash bins placed along the trails.
Flowing through the canyon floor is the Sharyn River, which originates from the southern slopes of the Ketmen Range and carries turquoise waters into the Ili River. This rugged, fast-flowing river stretches for 427 km. The canyon can be observed from the river valley as well as from equipped observation platforms located above the sheer cliffs. The most spectacular spots include the Valley of Castles, Stone Sack gorge, and the Valley of the Witches (dragon's mouth)

How difficult is the Aidakhar ring trail?

TIME: The entire trek takes about 4-5 hours, including time for rest and snacks.
DISTANCE: 7.5 kilometers, with an elevation gain of 360 meters.
TERRAIN: We'll be trekking inside the canyon where there are no trails or roads, but most of it is relatively easy. There will be sections with rocks to climb over, comfortable rocky areas, and in steeper sections, there will be rope handrails for safety.
PARTICIPANTS: The hike to Sharyn Canyon on the "Aidahar Ring" route is suitable for active individuals with moderate fitness levels. The difficulty level can be considered moderate due to the distance, but participants should be mentally prepared for elements of rock climbing as we'll navigate through rocks and narrow passages in the canyon.

What dangers may arise during a hike through the Sharyn Canyon?

It is important to carefully consider the list of necessary equipment. In the mountains, the sun's radiation is strong, so do not stay in the sun without a hat. Additionally, sunscreen and sunglasses will protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. Always bring a raincoat or waterproof jacket as the weather can be unpredictable!
Remember that you are solely responsible for your health—be cautious!

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